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CHConnect Objectives

CHConnect is designed for a healthcare consortium setting in which hospital emergency departments (EDs) are enabled to refer patients to participating primary care and specialty facilities. It also allows those health centers and physicians to perform online patient cross-referral and appointment scheduling.

With patients' demographic and medical records readily available for online viewing, clinicians can eliminate unnecessary duplication of tests, reduce clerical functions of handling patient files, and minimize patient waiting time.

It ultimately helps strengthen the ability of those provider participants to deliver quality, integrated care in a more efficient manner.

CHConnect Description

CHConnect is a web-based solution that facilitates linking local independent primary care clinics and other community providers, such as EDs, primary care, and specialty physicians into a more unified consortium of care delivery.

For security purposes, each consortium has its own separate and distinct CHConnect system facility that is not shareable by any other partnerships.

Within a consortium, CHConnect is shared across its multiple, independent member healthcare facilities. Through the consortium's website, members are able to share and view patient demographic and diagnostic information, make referrals to other member providers and track the patients through the case management tool. To do CHConnect functions, users need only browsers and minimal hardware requirements.

In compliance with HIPAA, CHConnect further tracks patient authorizations, monitors user access, and blocks access that is not authorized by the patient.

Main Features

  • Patient demographics
    Including registration required data, plus emergency contact information, children's parental data for pediatrics, clinic eligibility, insurance, and household information.

  • Patient medical history
    Consisting of allergies, medications taken, immunizations, illnesses and operations, family medical history, social history and special needs.
  • Financial tracking
    Of visit fees by clinic and fees associated with CPT codes, recorded payments, transactions and balances.

  • Visit information
    Is entered, displayed and reported using easy-to-use dropdown menus consisting of ICD and CPT codes. The information includes test and physical examination data, reasons for visits, plus other elements typically used in care-provider settings. You can also use SOAP note format to standardize medical evaluation entries for the clinical records. 
  • Patient clinical summary
    Providing the clinician online with an overview of the patient's medical conditions such as diagnoses, visit history, allergies, immunizations, recent medications/refills and lab results, plus special needs.

  • Patient reminders
    For follow-up, diagnosis and special treatments.
  • Patient referral and scheduling
    Module provides for online appointment scheduling and referral service linking local primary care clinics with other community providers such as EDs which are participating in the consortium. And each participating provider has complete control over the scheduled appointment slots at its facility.
For example, any patient being discharged from an ED and without an assigned primary care provider can be referred to any one of the affiliated clinics. Using this secured, password-protected site, discharge staff can schedule follow-up appointments for patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

CHConnect also allows participating partners to cross-refer patients among themselves and create a seamless system of care.
  • Summary and detailed reporting
    • Over 25 summary reports displaying counts of activities by month -- for example, Monthly Count of Patients Treated by ICD Code, etc.
    • Detailed reports are ad-hoc reporting defined by the user -- for example, Listing of Visits, sorted by Patient and by Provider for each Participating Facility, Report of CPT Codes for Visits Made for a Specified Period, etc.

These features help strengthen the partners' ability to provide quality, integrated care in a more efficient manner, while no changes
are required of their existing IT systems.

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