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Advantages of CHConnect as a Hosted Solution over Traditional Licensed Medical Software

Lower Up-Front Cost and Lower Cost of Ownership - Hospitals/health centers are not required to incur any upfront cost for the expensive software package and computer servers/workstations.  Since CHConnect is operated and managed in a central data center, the cost of ownership for hospitals/health centers including cost of software, hardware, annual maintenance fees, and labor cost to support the applications are minimal.

No Software Installation and No Maintenance - CHConnect is web-based and managed by us, so there is no client software to be installed at hospital/health center offices.  Also, our professional staff is responsible for CHConnect’s maintenance, including software installation and setup, routine maintenance, back-ups, updates, and troubleshooting. Thus no computer software and maintenance are required of client hospitals/health centers.

Access From Any Authorized Facility – Being a web solution, CHConnect can be accessed from hospitals/health centers via secured protocols.  It serves as an ideal solution for linking hospitals and health centers for collaborative patient care.

Security - CHConnect is operated in a secured and managed data center in compliance with HIPAA rules.  All communications between hospitals/health centers’ location and central data center use the highest encryption technologies.  All user staff are authenticated and only allowed to access certain information defined by hospitals/health centers.

Community Health Connect (CHConnect) is a HIPAA-compliant patient cross-referral, scheduling and electronic health information system. It helps hospital ERs reduce non-urgent patient visits by 30%, thus saving millions of dollars annually and freeing up resources for more urgent cases for higher revenues. It helps clinics and physician offices improve operating efficiency by 50%.

A proven solution, CHConnect has been used successfully by a community consortium of 20+ clinic sites serving a target population of 100,000 people.

Unlike other costly solutions, upfront costs are much lower with CHConnect. Clients pay a reasonable monthly fee for using CHConnect

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CHConnect Objectives & Description

Including patient demographics, medical history, visit information, clinical summary, appointment scheduling, reminders, summary and detailed reports.

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Forming/Building a Healthcare Consortium
We can offer you advice on different aspects of forming or building a healthcare consortium. Best of all, we have a proven solution, CHConnect, to help increase the success of your efforts. Through an incremental implementation process, CHConnect can be demonstrated to bring together providers in the community through shared information.

  Roadmap for forming/building a healthcare consortium

Facilitation & Assessment Services
Our structured approach assists with assessing community healthcare needs and identifying collaborative opportunities.

  Executive facilitation and assessment