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Cost-Effective Approach to Healthcare

We provide Community Health Connect (CHConnect), a HIPAA-compliant patient cross-referral, scheduling and electronic health information system. It helps redirect patients from hospital emergency departments (EDs) to community health centers and physician offices for follow-up primary or specialty care.

Studies have shown that patients who have access to regular primary care are less likely to visit EDs for health care. Such access leads to patients' longer, healthier lives as well as lowering costs.

With CHConnect, on average, an ED can reduce subsequent non-urgent patient visits by 30%, thus saving millions of dollars annually. Additionally, EDs are able to handle increased urgent cases for higher revenues, while referred health centers and physicians can deliver services to more patients from referrals. With patient information available online, clinics and physician offices can improve operating efficency by 50%.

  • Proven SolutionContinuity of Care
    CHConnect is a proven solution as it has been used successfully for several years by a community consortium consisting of multiple health clinics, serving a target population of 100,000 people.

  • Customized Service
    Unlike other costly healthcare information systems, the CHConnect solution is offered affordably as a web service, customized and hosted specifically for each community healthcare consortium.
  • Pay as You Use the Solution
    We are entirely responsible for the hardware, software, maintenance, upgrades and network operations. There is no need for your organization to hire additional technical personnel nor incur any upfront investment for software licensing and computer server hardware. There is a reasonable monthly subscription fee for the service.

  • Other Advantages
    They include lower upfront costs, faster implementation, reduced burden on your personnel, and transfer of infrastructure and maintenance responsibilities to us who are accountable for providing the managed services. 

For more details on CHConnect, click here.

Contact Us

We will discuss CHConnect with you, understand your community healthcare needs and verify that CHConnect will indeed help your community and that your organization will achieve ROI for using CHConnect. Contact us now.