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Benefits for Public Healthcare Funding Agencies -- Better Health for More People at Lower Cost

A HIPAA-compliant patient cross-referral and scheduling system, our CHConnect solution helps redirect patients from hospital ERs to community health centers for follow-up primary or specialty care.

This patient redirection results in reduced subsequent non-urgent ER use and can save up to $18 billion in annual healthcare costs nationally, according to the National Association of Community Health Clinics (NACHC).  Those cost savings can be reallocated to initiatives fostering better health for more people.

Current Problem 

  • Patient visits at emergency rooms (ERs) have risen every year. From 1997 to 2002, 97 million ER visits surged to nearly 114 million visits annually, while the number of hospital ERs decreased from 4,270 to 4,037.

  • Nearly half of hospitals have reported that they were at or over capacity. ER waiting times have increased by 33%. About 40% of hospitals reported that they had diverted emergency patients to other presumably less crowded facilities.

  • Ironically, anywhere between 10 and 50% of all ER visits are for non-urgent and avoidable conditions, and the medically underserved are more likely to make such visits. If those patients seeking non-urgent and/or primary care at ERs went to community health clinics (CHCs) instead, a minimum of $148.67 could be saved per patient visit. ("A Nation's Health at Risk II";, NACHC, 2004).

  • CHCs are a viable means to alleviating the ER problem as they have been able to reduce unnecessary ER visits among all of their patients, not just Medicaid patients, due to improved access to continuous, primary care -- leading to decreased hospitalizations. As a result, communities are able to prevent as many emergencies as possible, treat as many conditions as possible in the CHC primary care facilities, and then use ERs appropriately for emergency cases.

Why Community Health Centers (CHCs)?

  • CHCs are non-profit, community supported health care providers which offer primary and preventive health care services to low-income, underinsured and uninsured families. They offer a sliding fee schedule based on family income.

  • CHCs provide comprehensive health care for about $1.30 a day per patient served. In fact, medical care at CHCs is around $250 less than the average annual expenditure for an office-based medical provider. (2000 Uniform Data System DHHS; Olin GL. "National Health Care Expenses in U.S. Community Population, 2000." Statistical Brief #27 DHHS. 2003).

  • CHCs provide preventive screening and comprehensive care to save money and lives by treating diseases before they become chronic conditions or require hospital care.Better health for more people

  • CHCs save the Medicaid program 30% in annual spending due to reduced specialty care referrals and fewer hospital admissions. ("A Nation's Health At Risk II, Special Topics Issue Brief #7," NACHC, August 2004).

  • CHCs, on the other hand, save the Medicaid program 30% in annual spending due to reduced specialty care referrals and fewer hospital admissions. ("A Nation's Health At Risk II, Special Topics Issue Brief #7," National Association of Community Health Centers, August 2004).

  • There are 4,906 CHC sites located throughout the 50 states and serving 15 million people. $2 billion federal dollars are being invested in CHCs. Additional money is requested for creating and expanding CHC sites to serve more people.

Our Solution 

Since CHCs are cost-effective healthcare providers and are in the midst of a historic expansion initiative, it makes sense to ensure that their services are fully utilized. Redirecting non-urgent and/or primary care treatable ER visits to them would increase their utilization. It can also save up to $18 billion in annual healthcare costs nationally. ("2006 Data on Community Health Centers", NACHC, 2006).

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