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Forming or Building a Healthcare Consortium

Built upon our in-depth knowledge of best practices in the area of healthcare collaboration, the following provides a general roadmap to the successful formation of a healthcare consortium. Such collaboration will result in better health for more people at lower cost.

  1. Consortium organization and governance.Forming coalition
  2. Past and current collaborative efforts.
  3. Community needs assessment.
  4. Defining target population.
  5. Assessing the most urgent needs of target population.
  6. Current care delivery system.
  7. Identifying service gaps.
  8. Devising ways to better meet needs of patients, healthcare providers, private and public stakeholders.
  9. Developing common and shared vision.
  10. Setting realistic implementation goals.
  11. Statement of consortium project and budget.
  12. Conducting re-engineering study for increased efficiency without adding new capacities.
  13. Developing patient care teams/plans to coordinate care for inappropriate Emergency Department users.
  14. Formulating patient eligibility criteria.
  15. Collaborating with public and private health provider groups, business community and government agencies to design a funding mechanism based on the needs of the target population. As an example, the collaboration can produce a consistent way of leveraging local and county funds with matching Medicaid funds.
  16. Working with public and private entities to enroll more eligible patients.
  17. Configuring a financial model to maximize revenues for each partner and to pool funding for purposes of matching with government funds.
  18. Conduct analysis of existing IT systems in use at partner facilities.
  19. Linking our Community Health Connect solution (CHConnect) with initially selected partner IT systems as a demonstration prototype.
  20. Performing a pilot study and evaluating the initial results of the consortium cooperative strategies.
  21. Beginning a rollout to more partner facilities.
  22. Act on community outreach and education programs.
  23. Creating a sustainable service and financing system for the target population in conjunction with other initiatives.

Contact Us

We can offer you advice on different aspects of forming or building a healthcare consortium. Best of all, we have a proven solution, CHConnect, to help increase the success of your efforts. Through an incremental implementation process, CHConnect can be demonstrated to bring together providers in the community through shared information. Contact us now.