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Executive Facilitation and Assessment

We use a structured facilitation and assessment process to guide us to:
  • Help you establish a community healthcare consortium
  • Adapt our Community Health Connect solution (CHConnect) to the needs of the consortium
  • Manage the ongoing CHConnect operation for your consortium
  • Make necessary changes to CHConnect in order to accommodate future evolution of your collaborative efforts
This is a well thought-out, step-by-step analysis that examines your community’s healthcare needs and identifies collaborative opportunities.

What You Will Receive

The Executive Facilitation and Assessment (EFA) provides a structure and brings a wealth of best-practice information to this process to help ensure that you deploy the right solution for your community goals and determine the ROI for your project.
  • A community healthcare needs assessmentDiscovery process
  • A best-practice analysis (where appropriate)
  • A prototype CHConnect solution for your review
  • A Report of Findings presentation summarizing our research
  • A strategic and tactical proposal for justifying and implementing your planned solution
  • Other relevant items that may be presented in the solution-specific CHConnect features

The EFA Process

The complete Executive Facilitation and Assessment process consists of:
  • An initial fact-finding meeting
  • A review and analysis of best practices (where appropriate)
  • Preparation of a set of strategic recommendations
  • Creation of a CHConnect demonstration prototype
  • A presentation of Findings

Contact Us

Overall we will work with you in establishing a vision and plan. Best of all, we have a proven solution, CHConnect, to help increase the success of your efforts. It can be used as a prototyping tool to bring together providers in the community through increasingly shared information. Contact us now.