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We help companies reach their goals by crafting smart technology solutions and providing reliable infrastructure support that allow businesses to extend their capabilities and grow.

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Brookline Technologies Inc.

Innovation. Dedication.

Since 1997, Brookline Technologies has been developing and maintaining innovative enterprise software solutions for a variety of industries from banking and healthcare to government and retail. With over 30 years of experience in software project management, development and operation, principals of the company have a passion for applying technologies to advance clients' business goals.

Our Process

Plan > Design > Implement > Maintain. Following an in-depth assessment, we'll help you identify gaps and priorities, devise a strategy built around the best methodologies, tools, and resources for your needs, then create a concrete project plan and roadmap that balances your important feedback. With an eye on both flexibility and stability, we'll build, implement, and QA your solution, then orchestrate a maintenance plan that works for you now and in the future.

Our Tech & Partners

We've utilized best-in-class technologies and distributions like Red Hat, CentOS, LAMP, and Symfony and have partnered with IBM and HP to deliver the most effective solutions for our clients.

Need Linux service or support?

Are you in the NY/NJ area and need onsite support, or have a remote project that requires Linux expertise or a custom-built solution?